Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our programmes and courses.

Programmes and short courses for individuals

How long is a course?

  • A typical course is about 18 hours of teaching time and runs over two or more days. Please check the detailed course description for course length and timing as some courses are run for a few hours a week for a month, others are across full days.

 How long is a programme? 

  • Programmes are longer than a single course and are usually delivered over six to ten days across three to six months. Some components of a programme are likely to be online. For more information, please get in touch:

When do I receive my certificate of completion? 

  • You should receive your certificate within two weeks of completing the course.
  • If your course has graded quizzes, you need to complete all the quizzes before you receive your certificate.
  • If you attend 75% or less of a course, you will not receive a certificate.
  • We do not retain certificates for more than two years.

How much does a programme or course cost? 

  • The cost varies based on the programme and course. Please see individual course descriptions for pricing or get in touch about whether you qualify for a discount.

Is there any discount if I register for multiple short courses?

  • If you register for more than one short course a 10% discount will apply.
  • If you have previously attended a short course you will be entitled to a 10% discount on future courses.
  • Registrations must be made using the same email address for the discount to apply.

I have registered and signed up for a course but have not received a course confirmation. When will I receive it?  

  • Course confirmations are sent automatically by email as soon as you have registered. Please check your spam folder in case the email has ended up there. Please contact us if you are unable to find your confirmation email:

When do I get access to the online course material? 

  • Access is given two weeks prior to the start of the course.
  • You will continue to have access to the material for three months after the course is completed.

How do I register for a short course using our training partner code? 

  • Auckland Council training partners are eligible for a 50% discount for our public short courses. Please email or call (0800 800 875) us with your training partner number to apply the discount.

 Is lunch included?

  • Yes, our programmes and courses offer full complimentary catering (unless they are online). Please make sure you inform us of any dietary requirements when you register.

Customised programmes and courses

What is the minimum number of people you recommend for a programme or course?

  • For executive level, four to ten works well. For other teams, a minimum of eight is preferable. Many of the workshops and courses have a limit of around 20.

Can you run a programme or course anywhere in New Zealand?

  • Yes, we can deliver our programmes anywhere in the country.

C-Suite programme

Do I have to be sponsored by my organisation?

  • No, individuals who personally fund their C-Suite programme will be offered a discount and payment options.

 How much time do I have to spend outside of modules?

  • C-Suite programmes are designed for busy professionals, so there are no assignments or exams. You will be expected to do pre-reading and short post-module reflection exercises.

 What happens if I have to miss a module?

  • We will work with you to catch up on the content and exercises. In some situations, it may be possible to join in online. In any event, talk with us. You will not be provided a refund as the programme is integrated across the modules and you cannot transfer your participation to someone else.

 How are mentors allocated?

  • We will talk with you about the kind of mentor you would like to work with and discuss this with the advisory group. Very occasionally a match does not work out. If this happens, we will make other arrangements.


How can I pay for a programme or course

  • You can pay by invoice, credit card or account2account (internet banking). Make sure you include your purchase order (PO) number if your company requires this to be on your invoice.
  • For credit card payments, there is an additional 1.9% convenience fee.

I paid by credit card, but the 1.9% convenience fee is not included in the tax receipt. Can I get a receipt for the full amount? 

 If I did not use my free parking ticket on the day of my course, can I get a refund? 

  • No, the parking ticket is only valid for the course duration. We do not offer refunds.

 If an external entity sponsors my course fee as a scholarship, can I get a refund if I cannot attend the course? 

  • No, you need to talk to your sponsor about obtaining a refund. However, you can change to a new course if you can no longer attend the course you are currently enrolled in. Please contact us for more information:

 Can I use the RBPN (Regional Business Partners Network) system to pay for part of the programme or course?

  • Yes, you can. Please contact us if you don’t see our programme or course listed as an option in your area.

 Is there any discount if I register for multiple courses?

  • If you register for more than one short course a 10% discount will apply.
  • If you have previously attended a short course you will be entitled to a 10% discount on future courses.
  • Registrations must be made using the same email address for the discount to apply.

Covid-19 precautions

What precautions do you take against Covid-19? 

  • All facilitators and staff are fully vaccinated.
  • We follow all Ministry of Health guidelines for the level at the location where the course is being delivered.
  • If the course is at the University of Auckland, all participants MUST be fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption.
  • If you feel unwell or have been in contact with a confirmed case, please do not come to your course. Contact us as soon as you can (preferably before the course starts) so that we can arrange for you to be transferred to a different course.

Parking at the Sir Owen G Glenn Building

Where is the Sir Owen G Glenn Building located and where can I park?

  • The Sir Owen G Glenn Building is located at 12 Grafton Road on the edge of the University of Auckland City Campus, about a block away from the ASB Tennis Stadium. The Sir Owen G Glenn Building is located on an extension of Grafton Road, which begins with a sharp turn and runs up the hill from the Auckland Bowling Club to Symonds Street. The easiest route for most people is to take Symonds Street to the heart of the University campus and turn down the hill onto Grafton Road.
  • The Sir Owen G Glenn Building car park is underneath the building. The entrance is beside a stoplight about halfway down Grafton Road.

Is there free parking?

  • Yes, we provide you with a free parking coupon for the days that you are attending a course at the University of Auckland.