Transitioning to C-Suite Programme

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Transitioning to C-Suite Programme

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Accelerate your transition into C-Suite

This modular programme is designed to help transform talented managers into executive-ready leaders. You are introduced to the differences in operating at the executive level compared to senior management and how you need to adjust your management and leadership style to be effective at the C-Suite level.

Programme overview

Throughout the programme you will connect with top executives and board directors who discuss the realities of being an executive. The modules blend academic rigour with business practicality and enable you to build new networks, shift mindsets and gain confidence to operate at a senior level.

The four strategic specialisations include Information Technology Leadership, Financial Operations Leadership, GM and People Leadership and Supply Chain Leadership. Hear about participants’ experiences and learn more in these videos.

The programme consists of three core and two specialisation modules.  It’s designed to allow participants from around New Zealand to attend and runs from September to December 2022.


There are a total of five modules: three in-person at the University of Auckland Business School and two online.

Module OneLeadership and Strategy at the Executive Level

  • Thinking as a leader. Moving from management to executive leadership.
  • Strategic leadership. Developing a functional strategy that aligns with the corporate strategy in complex organisations.
  • Facilitated networking. Purposeful opportunities to build relationships with your cohort.
In-person workshops
Two days - University of Auckland, City Campus
Starting 12/13 September
Module TwoSpecialisation area focus, with peer coaching, masterclasses and guest speakers

  • Mentoring. A senior leader from our advisory group will act as your mentor. You will work together on your learning and personal leadership journey.
  • Peer coaching. You will become part of a facilitated peer coaching group and learn and apply powerful coaching practices.
  • Masterclasses and workshops. Short sessions (up to two hours) focused on your area of specialisation.
  • Guest speakers. Hear from top academic and executive leaders from Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world.
  • Online learning programme platform. The platform connects you to the programme and provides access to resources to aid application, networks and additional content.
Online sessions
September and October
Module ThreeLeading Organisational Change and Innovation at the Executive Level

  • Effective change leadership at the executive level. Frameworks for enabling organisations to embrace innovation, limit risk and challenge the status quo trap.
  • Developing an innovation mindset. Identify and act on opportunities for innovation and growth, both personally and across the organisation.
  • Leading effective collaboration as an executive. Across teams, functions, organisations and sectors.
  • Online learning programme platform. Reflect on your learning and applying it in the workplace.
In-person workshops
Two days - the University of Auckland, City Campus
Starting 17/18 October
Module FourSpecialisation area focus, with peer coaching, masterclasses and guest speakers

  • Mentoring sessions continue, with focused reflection on applying programme learnings to your professional development goals and organisational leadership.
  • Peer coaching continues, with facilitated sessions that include professional feedback and personal reflection on learnings and challenges.
  • Masterclasses and workshops. Continue to build on learnings from Module Two.
  • Guest speakers. Hear from top academic and executive leaders from Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world.
  • Application in the workplace. You will be asked to comment on how all the pieces are coming together for you and changing the way you work and relate in the workplace.
Online sessions
October and November
Module FiveExecutive Communication and Influencing

  • Communicate with power. Through immersive interactive workshops, gain tools and techniques to achieve outcomes across most communications tasks including verbal, written, in-person and online.
  • Collaborative board management. Gain an understanding of how to build successful relationships with boards, present to them with confidence, and utilise the skills and experience boards can provide.
  • Road map for the future. A facilitated reflection on programme learnings and development of a plan for continued personal and professional development and career success.
In-person workshops
Two days - University of Auckland, City Campus
Starting 1/2 December
Post-programmeReflection and review of programme learnings and application

  • A final review of how you have integrated learning into your work and how to continue to build your networks for the future.
Online or in-person discussion
Date TBC

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Our expert facilitators for this programme include:

Learn about our specialisations:

Strategic Information Technology Leadership

Strategic Financial Operations Leadership

Strategic GM and People Leadership

Strategic Supply Chain Leadership

Who should attend?

  • Ambitious mid-to-senior leaders who want to accelerate their move into strategic roles that require different and broader thinking and action to ultimately make a difference across an organisation.
  • Existing executives in small to medium-sized companies who wish to prepare for more senior roles.
  • Aspiring leaders in corporates or large organisations who have been identified as potential executives.

Participant fee

The fee for participating in the programme is $10,000 +GST.

This includes attendance at all modules, mentoring and peer coaching, materials and required reading, and all catering on in-person class days and food and drinks at any networking events. It does not include transport and accommodation or meals outside of class time.

Discounts are available for self-sponsored participants, organisations sponsoring multiple participants and University of Auckland staff.

The benefits for your organisation

Develop influential team members

Retain a valued leader who will positively influence others.

Deliver organisational goals

Your peers will benefit from a more collaborative partner to deliver organisational goals.

Part of vast network

Become part of the University of Auckland’s vast network of leading executives, academics and organisations who may hold answers to your organisation’s most difficult questions.

Grow leadership capability

Your organisation will gain a more confident and capable future executive leader.

Learn how to:

  • Understand differences between senior management and strategic executive leadership
  • Become an effective executive leader who can lead and manage change     
  • Develop and implement organisational level strategy
  • Communicate and negotiate with executives and boards
  • Influence across teams and organisations

Learn how to:

  • Understand differences between senior management and strategic executive leadership
  • Become an effective executive leader who can lead and manage change     
  • Develop and implement organisational level strategy
  • Communicate and negotiate with executives and boards
  • Influence across teams and organisations

Advisory boards

Advisory Group - Strategic Information Technology Leadership
  • Chris Trigg: GM Group Technology – IAG
  • Andrew Haddad: CIO – Vodafone
  • Nikhil Ravishankar: CDO – Air New Zealand
  • Priti Ambani: Director Tata Consultancy Services
  • Mike Clarke: Head of IT Advisory – KPMG
  • Allan Lightbourne: CDO – Tauranga City Council
  • Simon Kennedy: CIO/CDO – Foodstuffs North Island
  • Faris Azimullah: Partner Enterprise Risk Services – Deloitte
  • Jason Mangan: CTO – University of Auckland
  • Rebecca Chenery: CDO – Watercare services
  • Julia Raue: Independent Director – The Warehouse
  • Russell Jones: Independent Director, Formally CIO – BNZ
  • Brendan Bain: Enterprise Director – Microsoft
  • Jennifer Sepull: Independent Director – formerly at Air New Zealand
Advisory Group - Strategic Financial Operations Leadership
  • Jonathan Mason: Independent Director, Vector, Zespri. Westpac and Air New Zealand
  • Roger France: Non-Executive Director, Board Member and Deputy Chairman, Orion Health, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Southern Cross Medical Society, University of Auckland Foundation, Dilworth Trust Board and Treasury Commercial Operations Advisory Board
  • Rob Hamilton: Non-Executive Director, Westpac, Oceania Healthcare, Kamari Consulting, Stelvio Consulting, Tourism Holdings
  • Mary-Jane Daly: Non-Executive Director, Kiwibank, Fonterra Shareholders Fund, Kiwi Property Group, Earthquake Commission and Auckland Transport
  • Mandy Tomkins-Dancey: CFO – Skin Institute Group
  • William Meek: CFO – Mercury
  • Chris Jewell: CFO – Lodestone Energy
  • Kate Parsons: CFO, Non-Executive Director, Board Member, Rush, Entrada Travel Group, Technique and Mainfreight
  • Rob McDonald: Director, Board Member, Chairman, Contact Energy, Chartered Accountants Australia and NZ, Sovereign and Fletcher Building
  • Stefan Knight: CFO – Spark
  • Anna Davis: Finance Director – Weta Digital
  • Helen He: CFO – Microsoft NZ
Advisory Group - Strategic GM and People Leadership
  • Barbara Harrison: Chief People Officer – GUD Holdings
  • Mike Sweet: Chief People Officer – Parrott Analytics
  • Richard Waggott: Deputy Chief Executive – Department of Corrections
  • Mark Daldorf: Head of People and Capability – Airways, New Zealand
  • Susan Lowe: Chief People and Sustainability Officer – Fuel50
  • Kate Daly: Managing Director, People and Culture – Fonterra
  • Merran Anderson: GM People and Culture – Healthcare Holdings
  • Jo Fair: Co-Founder – FutureWork Studio
  • Michelle McBride: Leadership Advisor – New Zealand Trade and Enterprise
  • Rachael Regan-Paterson: GM People and Performance – Fletcher Construction
Advisory Group - Strategic Supply Chain Leadership
  • Dave Christie: Supply Chain Strategy Director – Tainui Group Holdings
  • Deena Clarkson: Chief Executive Officer – CODA Group
  • Simon Dedman: Managing Director – Kuehne+Nagel
  • Anne Dunne: General Manager Supply Chain – Air New Zealand
  • James Feeney: Managing Director – Alignment Consulting
  • Reinhold Goeschl: Independent Director – TradeWindow
  • Aaron Greene: COO – Toll Holdings
  • Deborah Howarth: Director Industry Engagement – NZDF
  • Charles Lott: National Manager, Equipment and Logistics – Fire and Emergency NZ
  • Andrea Manley: General Manager Strategy and Innovation – Napier Port
  • Liz May: Chief Executive Officer – ShopCare
  • Chloe Surridge: Group General Manager, Airports – Air New Zealand
  • Suzanne O’Leary: Director – January Group
  • Boyd Piebenga: Director Supply Chain – KPMG
  • Jonti Rhodes: General Manager Supply Chain, Facilities, Sustainability – Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
  • Louise Wood: Chief Supply Chain Officer – Sanford Ltd

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