Transitioning to C-Suite Programme

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Transitioning to C-Suite Programme

Accelerate your transition into C-Suite

This modular programme transforms talented senior managers and leaders into executive-ready leaders. You are introduced to the differences in operating at the executive level compared to senior management, and how you need to adjust your leadership style to be effective at the C-Suite level.

In these challenging times, leaders need access to the latest tools to position themselves and their organisations competitively — for today and the future. Learn advanced leadership and management concepts and tools from the University of Auckland’s faculty and the business leaders of New Zealand. Enhance your career capital and future growth opportunities. Prepare for your future in the C-Suite.

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Programme overview

Throughout the programme you will connect with senior executives and board directors who discuss the realities of being an executive. The modules blend academic rigour with business practicality and enable you to build new networks, shift mindsets and gain confidence to operate at a senior level. The programme is for ambitious, high-performing managers across all organisational areas aspiring to senior leadership roles in the next five years.  

By attending this program, you will:

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the critical functional areas within a company.
  • Learn how to manage across functional areas and lead cross teams.
  • Strengthen decision-making skills and enhance strategic thinking.
  • Learn to shape organisational culture to create value for stakeholders.
  • Expand your professional and personal network and establish long-term relationships with key executives from other organisations across Aotearoa.
  • Learn strategic tools and techniques to manage future growth.
  • Position yourself to take on more strategic, organisational roles.
  • Gain greater self-awareness and understanding of how you work with others.
  • Develop your leadership and coaching skills through mentoring and peer coaching workshops.

The benefits for your organisation

Develop influential team members

Retain a valued leader who will positively influence others.

Deliver organisational goals

Your peers will benefit from a more collaborative partner to deliver organisational goals.

Part of vast network

Become part of the University of Auckland’s vast network of leading executives, academics and organisations who may hold answers to your organisation’s most difficult questions.

Grow leadership capability

Your organisation will gain a more confident and capable future executive leader.


The programme consists of three two-day, in-person modules and is complemented by facilitated and non-facilitated online executive peer coaching sessions. It has been thoughtfully designed to provide impactful learning experiences for leaders from across New Zealand while remaining flexible enough to accommodate even the most demanding schedules.


Module One
Leadership & Peer Coaching at the Executive Level


  • Elevating Your Leadership Contribution
    • Understand the distinct contributions required at the executive level.
    • Assess and identify changes to enhance your leadership contribution.
    • Transition effectively from a managerial to a C-Suite leadership mindset.
  • Enhancing Your Leadership
    • Focus development efforts to accelerate performance and future potential.
    • Create a personalised development plan for C-Suite leadership.
    • Reflect on strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Collaborating & Decision-Making
    • Develop skills and mindset for strategic thinking and collaboration.
    • Navigate collaborative challenges as a C-Suite leader.
    • Understand the impact of complexity and uncertainty on decision-making.

In-person workshops:

Two days: 13 & 14 August 2024
University of Auckland, City Campus

Module Two
Leading Strategy and Innovation at the Executive Level


  • Strategic Thinking for the C-Suite
    • Articulate considerations for executive-level strategic thinking.
    • Apply frameworks to generate solutions for organisational challenges.
    • Align organisational strategy and communicate effectively.
  • The Role of the C-Suite in Driving Business Innovation
    • Appreciate the pivotal role of senior management in fostering innovation.
    • Identify drivers and barriers to innovation within organisations.
    • Discuss and apply concepts relevant to innovation governance and practices.

In-person workshops:
Two days: 17 & 18 September 2024
University of Auckland, City Campus

Module Three
Change, Communication and Influencing at the Executive Level


  • Leading Organisational Change
    • Explore elements of successful change processes.
    • Gain commitment to cross-organizational initiatives.
    • Apply stages and models of change management.
  • Navigating Your Executive Career
    • Develop a plan for career progression aligned with goals.
    • Navigate a career in an age of disruption.
    • Communicate a career effectively and persuasively.
  • Communicating with Impact to Executives and Boards
    • Develop a toolbox for effective communication at any level.
    • Shape a strategy through structure, flow, and perspective.
    • Manage complexity, uncertainty, and questions effectively.
    • Enhance presence through voice, appearance, and engagement.

In-person workshops:
Two days: 29 & 30 October 2024
University of Auckland, City Campus



Our expert facilitators for this programme include:

Who should attend?

  • Ambitious mid-to-senior leaders who want to accelerate their move into strategic roles that require different and broader thinking and action to ultimately make a difference across an organisation.
  • Existing executives in small to medium-sized companies who wish to prepare for more senior roles.
  • Aspiring leaders in corporates or large organisations who have been identified as potential executives.

Participant fee 

The 2024 Transitioning to C-Suite Programme presents a tuition fee of $15,000, exclusive of GST. This comprehensive fee covers tuition, ensuring access to top-notch education along with essential prorgamme materials. We will elevate your learning experience with inclusive catering during in-person sessions and networking events. 

At the core of our programme is a commitment to your executive development journey, offering a holistic package that prioritises your growth. Join us in shaping a successful path to the C-Suite and unlocking your full strategic leadership contribution. 

Learn how to:

  • Understand differences between senior management and strategic executive leadership
  • Become an effective executive leader who can lead and manage change     
  • Develop and implement organisational level strategy
  • Communicate and negotiate with executives and boards
  • Influence across teams and organisations

Learn how to:

  • Understand differences between senior management and strategic executive leadership
  • Become an effective executive leader who can lead and manage change     
  • Develop and implement organisational level strategy
  • Communicate and negotiate with executives and boards
  • Influence across teams and organisations

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