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Customised programmes

Customised programmes

Partner with us to create learning and development experiences that support your organisation’s strategic objectives and maximise return on learning.

Programme content

Our customised programmes help organisations meet the challenges and opportunities of the constantly evolving business world. We work in partnership with you to design programmes that are unique, targeted at your specific needs and aligned with your organisational strategy.

From initiatives for new managers to unique leadership journeys for senior executives, we can create learning experiences that meet your organisational requirements and create the most relevant learning journey for a group.

Blended learning

Founded on a core of interactive group based learning each programme is practically focused and designed for your specific context.

We draw on a range of components to create the blend that maximises opportunities for developing capability and applying learning.

Programme benefits

Critical Mass
The right combination of knowledge, skills, capability and relationships can create the critical mass that drives positive change within an organisation.

Shared Knowledge
Shared experience, language and processes enrich individual learning and create organisational knowledge.

Collective learning
The group draws on knowledge of the organisation and leverages new skills, techniques and capabilities to explore more effective ways of doing things.

Breaking down the barriers
A shared learning journey helps people to understand each other’s needs, build closer connections and create an environment of openness.


More information

To talk to us about the customised programmes, please contact:

Felicity Lawrence

Ph: +64 21492388
E: f.lawrence@auckland.ac.nz



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