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21 – 24 July 2020
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What were the top professional development trends in 2019?

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In 2019, Executive Education offered more than 40 different Short Course topics. Over 1,000 professionals from a range of industries participated in our interactive workshops. We discovered some insightful data about professional development priorities in New Zealand.

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Top sectors which benefited from our programmes

Our courses were successfully delivered to individuals representing 26 industries, with most participants from the Education (16.5%), Government (9.5%), Manufacturing (9.2%), Professional (8.1%), Financial (6.8%) and Healthcare (7.1%) sectors. Past participants have found it interesting to get a better understanding of professional challenges across different industries and have experienced benefits in networking opportunities.

Top courses for middle and senior managers

  • Based on our registration data from last year, our most popular courses among middle-level managers were Project Management (8%), Leadership (21.7%), Management (10.6%), Strategy (10%) and Finance (8.9%).
  • Based on our registration data from last year, our most popular courses among senior-level managers were Leadership (43.6%), Strategy (23.6%), Management (10.9%), Finance (9.1%) and Industry 4.0, which delves into cutting-edge topics such as blockchain technology and digital transformation (3.6%).
  • Emerging courses in leadership, which have attracted middle-management professionals, included Emotional Intelligence: Engaged Leadership and Negotiation Skills: Influencing to Convincing.

Popular skills development journeys

Our registration data from 2019 show a trend in professional development progression for returning participants.

Most popular courses by sector

  • The Education and Training sector has a consistently high participation rate across the board when it comes to professional development, and recently, especially interested in upskilling modern-day topical subjects within Industry 4.0, such as Blockchain and Big Data.
  • Other industries that had a high interest in developing finance skills included Manufacturing & Professional, Scientific & Technical Services (10.4%), Transport, Postal & Warehousing (10.6%), and Health Care & Social Assistance (9.1%) sectors.
  • Industries particularly looking to refine their professional skills in Project Management were Government/Public (16.3%), Electricity, Gas, Water & Waste Services, and Professional, Scientific & Technical Services (10.9).
  • Leadership courses were most popular among participants from the Education & Training (16.7%), Manufacturing (13.6%) and Government/Public (13.2%) sectors.

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