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Patrick Rottiers: When is the last time you upgraded your negotiation skills?

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Brokering lasting, solid, inspiring agreements is arguably an essential management activity for most professionals in any organisation from start-up, blue chip, profit or non-profit. After all, what business and organisational development does not involve negotiations?

The longer term success (if not viability) of contracts and relationships is very often directly linked to the smarts, sophistication and training of negotiators.

Few managers are trained on how to credibly and efficiently move among well-prepared innovative negotiation agreements in the set time-frame.

Even fewer organisations train management to negotiate professionally online. This is surprising, as increasingly consecutive negotiation phases happen online, where better-trained professionals can comfortably navigate the demands of negotiating business in an online environment.

The complexities of online and cross-cultural communication are inherently challenging and deserve some important dedication and training.

Essential negotiation skills:

  • Understanding what sort of negotiator one is and optimising performance
  • Overcoming cross-cultural differences and expectations
  • Creatively building agreements that yield superior outcomes that have the capacity to withstand change
  • Bringing a negotiation style and culture ‘to the table’ that commands respect and builds trust across the parties, reflecting both the values and brand of the organisation and the individual professionalism of the negotiator.

Negotiation Skills – Mastering Negotiation Success
The University of Auckland Executive Education negotiation programme avoids simplistic ‘seven golden tips for the negotiator’ and ‘win-win’ clichés an advanced negotiation program is about blending management psychology and tactics with cultural insights and improving on every aspect of the negotiation progress.

An internationally proven programme it challenges participating managers across the world to deliver better negotiated outcomes, through consistently better preparation (providing guidance and templates), HD video analysis of your negotiations, study of tactics and how to buffer them, practising cultural differentiation.

This training aims to empower individual participants and organisations with the methodology to continuously improve their negotiation capability towards superior and resilient outcomes.

Negotiation Skills – Mastering Negotiation Success



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