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Project Management - Virtual Short Course

5-6 October 2020
Explore predictive and agile approaches, achieve positive results within deadline and on budget.

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Emotional Intelligence – Engaged Leadership – Virtual Short Course

18 September & 5 October 2020
A short course designed to help leaders become ‘people smart’ and to use practical tools to inspire better results, at all levels.

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New Live Virtual Programmes

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We don’t need to tell you how much digital transformation has affected the way we all do business, with the lockdown months forcing most of us to quickly adjust to new ways of working. Navigating the opportunities and pitfalls of being entirely online was an exciting time for Executive Education. We used this opportunity to develop a new range of courses taught entirely in an online environment so that we can continue to support individual and organisational capabilities.

But can a virtual classroom really compare with the in-person experience?

When we first approached our customers about attending a virtual programme we were met with curiosity, enthusiasm but also some understandable hesitation. How engaging and interactive could a virtual course really be compared to a physical classroom?

While developing this new learning environment has challenged us, the outcomes for the Executive Education team and our customers have been worth the effort.

Each virtual short course allows you to interact in real-time with the facilitator and other participants, share course materials and projects through screen-share, and engage, interact and collaborate.

“My first time in a virtual classroom experience and I absolutely loved it. Takes away the hassle of driving, parking and rushing back to pick up the kids. You concentrate entirely on the course at the comfort of our own home.” Aleem Shah – Medical Imaging Technologist at Intra

“The online classroom was handled really well. You’ve got it down pat!” Zak Quor – Board Member of a children’s charity

Continuing the virtual experience

The success of our online programmes means we are excited to continue the virtual learning journey with five short course topics currently scheduled in the coming months. If you haven’t explored our online offerings yet, this is a great time to invest in your own development.

  • Project Management – Virtual short course
    virtual classroom experience was great. I actually think I was able to focus more than in a physical class. I gained formal knowledge on how a project works and the different role, tasks and challenges involved. Including a better understanding on how the manager role works there.” Emiliano Tortorella – Development Support Engineer at Orion Systems
  • Management fundamentals – Virtual short course
    “The virtual class was so interesting and a lot more interactive than I thought was possible over Zoom. It was engaging, allowed me to learn and share experiences in the class, and having classmates that are leaders in different fields gave me new perspectives.” Morena Tong – Services Manager at North Shore Surgical Centre
  • Digital Marketing Strategy – Virtual short course
    “I think experiencing the Digital Marketing course online, was even better than it would have been in-person. Not only did we learn about digital marketing, but we also immersed ourselves in the digital environment, by collaborating via the online platforms we were learning about. I would thoroughly recommend the course to any keen marketers.” Olivia Treacher – Sales and Marketing Specialist at Toll New Zealand

Live Virtual In-House Programmes

Short courses topics can be developed and customised to support specific learning needs within an organisation or team. Recently we hosted a virtual workshop focussed on good governance, called Executive Fundamentals.

“It was fun! Nick was an engaging speaker, and it was an interactive and informative overview of the things that are important for the workings of an executive committee.” – Vivian Chan – Sponsorship Officer, AI in Medicine Association


Chat to us about your specific learning and development needs

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the best learning and development solution for you or your business, contact us on 0800 800 875 and exec@auckland.ac.nz.

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