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How to “be” in the world of fast digital communication

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Technology has rapidly changed the way we communicate, from the invention of the hand-cranked telephone in 1876 to the Apple iPhone in 2007 – and it’s not slowing down.

In fact, there is an expectation of faster turnaround of communication across a range of platforms. We must embrace this technology and get faster with it. Or, to use Vodafone’s current catch-cry, it may well become ‘survival of the fastest’.

Executive Education facilitator Nick Read outlines five ways to be in order to keep on top of information in this digital age.

Be more analytical
Because of the sheer volume of information, we need to be able to filter, read and process more efficiently and effectively. Researching, power reading and critical thinking skills are no longer optional – they are essential survival skills in business.

Be clear
To fight through the noise and be heard, we need to think and communicate more plainly – especially if machines are going to be able to read our thoughts soon.

Be open
To new information, new ideas, new (disruptive) technology, new opportunities, the ideas of our new young thinkers. And be willing to listen and act on them

Be transparent
And willing to be held accountable for what we say, do, write, and even think.

Be human
It’s so easy to transfer information, but let’s remember that true communication means people sharing their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams. Let’s remember to listen to these and respond appropriately. We must keep our social relationships and face-to-face communication if we are to keep our humanity through these massive technological.

Nick Read is an Executive Education facilitator. He has a background in teaching, television production, sales and corporate communications.





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