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Five reasons to ditch the sales waffle

Social media

In the era of information overload and online reviews, customers are demanding that a salesperson make a tangible and positive difference to them and their business.

A recent Gartner survey of IT customers clearly identified that direct interaction with the provider (both salesperson and technical experts) is the most influential element in their purchasing decision.

B2B Experienced Performance Leadership coach Colin Sander outlines ways that salespeople can provide information and support to customers – ultimately leading to sales.

Even though the customer will use multiple sources to self-educate, it is contact with people who can be trusted because they are credible, reliable, and create genuine connections that has the most impact.

Content relevance
Customers can be overwhelmed by the amount of content available to them. Smart salespeople see the use of websites, social marketing and other information sources as being valuable in providing context.

Compelling conversations
Content can be a warm up to the real relationship. It provides an ability to be better prepared for face-to-face interaction, perhaps through pre-cursor conversations in social media.

Being knowledgeable
For many salespeople this represents a challenge. It’s not just about knowing your product inside out but equally your customer’s business.

Preparation is polite
Salespeople should be highly prepared to have a different type of conversation – one that is informative and has a clear purpose which benefits the customer. Talk about them. Not you.

Written by Colin Sander, facilitator of the upcoming Key Account Management short course.



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