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13 Sep 2021
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Connecting with your customers – the heart of sales success

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As customers become more discerning, more demanding, and more adept at online transactions, where do sales people fit in?

According to Colin Sander, facilitator of three Executive Education sales courses at the University of Auckland, they must focus on delivering not just a great product or service, but a great sales experience to their customers.

“Connect with your customers on an emotional level, and you will build a level of trust that will keep them coming back,” he says.

In other words, the secret to successful selling is not so different to what it was fifty years ago. But the landscape has changed dramatically, and this is where Colin’s expertise and experience come into play.

In this short video, he explains how sales people (and sales leaders in particular) can transcend the old paradigms and transform the customer experience from negative-neutral to highly positive, which results in better profits for the business.

With a background in in management and a decade of commercial experience as a salesperson and senior sales manager for a global company in Australia and New Zealand, Colin is well qualified to facilitate the following Executive Education courses:

Create a Top Performing Sales Culture
Key Account Management
Sales Skills Fundamentals



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