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Communication – The defining leadership skill of the future

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“The art of communication is the language of leadership
James Humes, author and speechwriter for five American Presidents

Every great leader is a great communicator at all levels. In the past, leaders have taken a command-and-control approach when communicating, says Rob Neale, communication specialist and facilitator of our Advanced Communication Skills for Leaders course.

All good leaders are expected to communicate effectively in order to lead their teams and organisations effectively. This requires influence, respect and the ability to handle the unexpected. So, how can we master the art of communication? Rob offers the following tips:

  1. Start with your executive summary, don’t end with it. That makes it easier for people to follow.
  2. Get your people involved and be relevant. Give them a role to play but be very clear on what that role is and who it applies to, what input they can give and what impact that would have.
  3. Be flexible. So often you come in with a deck of 40 slides and your audience says to you, “Listen we don’t have time for this, can you just talk us through it while we walk to the car or go to the airport?”

An effective leader, particularly one involved in change programmes who is trying to get engagement, has the ability to respond and be relevant to their audiences.

Whether you are communicating upwards, downwards and sideways in a change situation or you are trying to get buy-in for something, a leader requires advanced communication tools and techniques to communicate complex messages.

Rob Neale facilitates the course, Advanced Communication Skills for Leaders.



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