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Customised and In-house

Customised and In-house

Nick Read
Executive Education Facilitator at the
Business School

“In-house training enables a group to get exposure to new learning together. This generates support and momentum to apply the learning.”

Customised and In-house programmes

Executive Education has been working with organisations to create and deliver programmes since 2000.

We offer a full spectrum of learning and development initiatives to help organisations meet the challenges and opportunities of the constantly evolving world. These range from customised learning and development experiences that are aligned with an organisation’s strategic direction, goals and values through to in-house courses for teams to develop key business skills.

In-house programmes

When would we need to develop an in-house solution?

You have specific learning needs that have emerged within the organisation usually within specific teams. Examples: Finance for non-financial managers; LEAN performance improvement; business writing skills or communication skills.

In-house courses are Short Courses which are tailored for your organisation and designed to enhance specific knowledge and skills.

Customised solutions

When would we need to run a customised solution?

A like group or level in the organisation need to learn a new skillset together to meet a strategic challenge. Examples: Mid-level managers need to learn to lead digital transformation in the supply chain; senior leaders need to learn to collaborate more effectively to implement change; or senior leaders need to take whole of business perspective to drive the organisation’s strategy.

Customised programmes are unique, aligned with the organisation’s strategic direction and integrate theory and practice in innovative ways.

More information

To talk to us about the customised and in-house courses, please contact:

Noah Ghebremichael

Ph:+64 27 3648737
E: noah.ghebremichael@auckland.ac.nz


Dave EversDave Evers
Ph: (09) 923 1859
E: dave.evers@auckland.ac.nz



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